Mittwoch, 23. Oktober 2013

Timbaland Support

Big News this week...

On Monday Im going to perform at the Aftershow Party of the Jay-Z Concert at Vanity Club Cologne with TIMBALAND ! Being the Offical Support DJ makes me real proud... Feel free to join us.

Donnerstag, 17. Oktober 2013

Luxembourg Video commin soon...

Had a great time in Lux and I just want you to know that we made a Video which is hopefully commin soon... be prepared!

Samstag, 5. Oktober 2013

October 2013

We already started October with a great Party at Vanity Club Cologne - guests like Senay and Senna (Monrose) from Berlin rocked with us until 6 in the Morning. (Video comin soon)

Tonight Im going to perform at Düssedorfs new Hotspot "Lion Club".

For an overview of all my Gigs in October check the following Flyer: